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S H O B H I T A    &    S U M I T
our marriage website

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[ Sumit : ]
    I already have a website, so for any details I will direct you to my website, which is at .

    Born in Patna, India on the 10th of July, 1973, I grew up entirely in Patna, going to school at St. Michael's High School and attending my Intermediate in Sciences at Science College, Patna. Opting for a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, I spent my next 4 years in Kharagpur at the Indian Institute of Technology. I came over to the United States in 1997 to pursue an MS at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark.

    Since graduating from there, I have been working as a Software Engineer, specializing as a consultant in Java-based development, and am currently employed with Prodapt Corp. After 2 years in Kearny, New Jersey and a fabulous year in Denver, Colorado, I'm currently settled in San Jose, California.

    Forever ready to try my hands at everything, I'm particularly interested in photography. Sketching and cartooning have been my hobbies for long, though I hardly do enough of it these days. I like reading novels and literature of all sorts, and count web development among my hobbies.

  [ Shobhita : ]
    I like to be called by my given name, Ritu. I was born in Allahabad on 16th June, 1979, and grew up variously in Allahabad, Obra, Varanasi and Kanpur. I completed my schooling at the GHS, Allahabad, and BSc in Mathematics at the Allahabad University followed by a year in MCA at the time of our marriage.

    I'm very fond of music, and have taken training in classical music. I especially love soft breezy songs, but appreciate all music genres. I positively adore pets, and have a dog of my own, "Naughty", right now in Kanpur with my parents. He's a darling of my heart.

    Among my other hobbies, I have taken courses in the art of henna, and tie-and-dye. I love cooking and trying out my hands at new dishes. And I love reading, with Sydney Sheldon a favourite author of mine.

  Ours was the quintessential arranged marriage - we met the day before our engagement, and scarcely a month before our marriage. Till then, it was e-mail which brought us together. I (Ritu) met Sumit's parents for the first time in Patna in September 2000, where I and Sumit had our first phone talk. That was the precursor to the first of our (many) e-mails - I would rather like to term our marriage as an e-mail marriage.

We first came face-to-face the day before our engagement, at the platforms of the Patna Railway Junction - a captivating, albeit rather speechless, first meeting ........ ;-)

The rest of the story is told on these pages.

For those of you who may be curious, this site gives a good intro to the rituals and customs associated with a hindu marriage.